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  • kevin matthews
    kevin matthews also sknhd zines BUT THEY DONT EXIST ANYMORE the oldbreed days
    Mon at 7:18 PM - Report
  • Joe Lowsac
    Joe Lowsac There are a lot of issues form a few skinhead zines (e.g., 'Skinhead Times', 'Skinhead Magazine', 'International Skinhead') at the Internet Archive (, just search "skinhead".
    They still sell copies of the Turner Diaries. I've uploaded the...  more
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  • kevin matthews
    kevin matthews readin turner diaries wouldnt be the same today THE 90S WERE WAY MORE FUN
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  • kevin matthews
    kevin matthews the very early 2000s it was a masshootin everyother week it seemed so those were good times too
    Wed at 2:06 PM - Report