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Follower Vs. Member

  • The follower of a movement is he who understands and accepts its aims; a member is he who fights for them.
    To be a follower simply implies that a man has accepted the teachings of the movement. To be a member has the courage to participate actively and live up to the teachings in which he has come to believe in. It takes discipline and dedication along with submission to superiority to become a member of a national socialist movement. The movement and members of the movement must be your total focus in life. There can be no wavering from it or time off from it. No exceptions whatsoever! Every morning you wake up in this minority infested hell should be a reminder of how desperately our own race needs us. Our purposeful movement is designed to help our race to climb out of the downward spiral it's being pulled into. One must soul search deep within himself to find out if he's truly dedicated and loyal enough to his "white people," to become a member in the movement not just a mere follower who sees the truth right before his very own eyes, yet fails to take a stand and sacrificed his blood, sweat and sometimes even tears for the preservation of the great Aryan race. When and if you're ready to step out of the shadows as a follower and into the light as a member be sure you fully know and understand what you're getting yourself into!