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Kveldulf Wolfgangsson

  • March 27, 2021 3:40 PM PDT
    A brief biography of Brendan Terry.

    I had first made contact with the movement when I was 17 years old. They were independent skinheads that I friended and smoked meth with (they introduced me to the drug). I started to embrace the movement when I was 19, because of an incident in county jail that I caused and it was an Aryan that stepped up with me. I became an independent member of the movement at 21 while in prison. I supported the cause and helped the brothers but needed to prove to myself that I could stand on my own. That pissed off the warden because a small white boy shouldn't be able to go to canteen by himself without fear, the biggest guys on the compound couldn't go without a group no matter what color. Yet there I was the exception to the rule.

    I became an Aryan at 27 when I joined the Dirty White Boys. They had tried to recruit me at 3 different prisons, I had declined then at each one. Then one day I decided it was time and joined the D.W.B. I have put in work and earned my bones. I am 31 now.

    Because of the movement, that I have been somehow associated to for these past 14 years, I have endured many things, such as:

    Betrayal and false slander of my name.

    The death of a brother

    A brother who got a new murder charge added to his sentence.

    Seen a brother stabbed up behind another fence, and the feeling of helplessness as there was no way for me to get to him.

    Ran down on a black that stood 10 inches taller than me, and had 100 lbs more than me, and he of muscle. Because he was on top of an Aryan of a different gang. I felt no fear and accepted what may come, but I must do all I can to protect my brothers.

    Independents causing problems then checking in or hiding leaving me to face the consequences of their actions alone, such consequences include:
    Get into fights
    Get jumped
    Run a gauntlet (that is fighting several people in a row without any breaks.)
    Have my life threatened by 5 bloods
    Have my life threatened by 12 chickos
    Have my life threatened by 20 blacks

    Had to stab and cut brothers. I had to put hits on other brothers. All those had went pc then came back to the pound, or was caught snitching or caught fucking men.

    Had to violate countless brothers (beat downs), because of drug problems, theft, and countless other small violations to the Aryan way of life.

    I had to wet up people I don't know because they had done something to a brother that I've never met nor probably will ever meet at some prison I've never been to.

    I've had countless heartbreaks as my brothers fell off the path and we found out that they couldn't live the lifestyle. Whether they were cowards, snitches, turned fag, got so strung out they made an impossible dope debt, stole from whites, or any other numerous shady activities.

    The movement gave me this, which I still had to earn:

    The right to wear red laces on my boots

    The right to wear certain symbols

    The right to color in my bolts

    New tattoos

    New scars

    A direction to head in

    A small group of solid people proven through fire. I can count them on both hands and still have fingers to spare.

    I am so tired. All I ever wanted from anyone is truth and loyalty. However, I've come to find out that those qualities- either one of them- are too rare in a person. If you are my brother or sister and you need a helping hand, I will be there for you. If you are not serious about the cause, I'll leave you behind. I will not carry dead weight. I have too many Aryans to protect and save to waist time on fakes.

    Head up, boots down, back straight, hammer high, I will walk this path alone if I must. Never blame the movement for it is as it claims to be always, it is the members of the movement I must be wary of, they hurt me the most.

    Hail the 14 88, 23 16. Love, Loyalty, and Respect, Honor and Integrity, Blood and Bone, Glory and Death.

    With an army or by myself, I represent this and I will walk this path. Come what may, until my dying day.

    -Brendan L. Terry.
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    March 31, 2021 7:10 AM PDT
    Stay strong brother, and thank you for the testimonial

    You have found a home