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  • Up North Hollywood and modern "entertainment" seems to me a psychological weapon meant to dumb down and disconnect people from their roots ,rendering them desensatized, and adrift. Were lucky today to have many great books that have been until recently only available to a select few, if you claim to have deep white roots and know nothing of your history , please think again. Dig Deep, Find your Roots! Establish your foundation.
    Mon at 4:26 PM

  • Jani Larsson Sven befriended a man who claims he is a true Northmen. He is like Odin this and Northmen that. Then he puts up a photo of his new girlfriend and she is black! Uff-da, Sven unfriended him as Sven and I do not believe in mixing races! What is going on in this world, ja I know it has been going on for centuries but not to this extent! :-X
    14 hours ago

  • Kellaan Adams Well Minneapolis is going to consume its self... anyone want to speed that shit up... the city of Brooklyn center. Basically just fired all the cops.
    13 hours ago

  • Sven Norsk For Anna
    Apr 8