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  • Sven Norsk For Anna
    Apr 8

  • Ronald Murray i hope everyone has a great White day!! 88 Comrades, remember knowledge is power! Hail Victory
    Mar 19

  • Winifred Wagner There comes a point when a person has to decide to use their education and experience to make a positive change. Our country, indeed our heritage, has been under assault almost from the inception of this country. I often tell people that slavery was the worst thing our forefathers ever did. Not because the niggardly from Africa and other parts were not fit to be enslaved, they most certainly were destined for it! Rather, bringing them to what would have otherwise been a beautiful, grand and white experiment turn into something disgusting which ended up trying to make a race of mutts so as to dissolve white distinctiveness. So now there's a claim for reparations. In fact, the black owes the white American for, without that act, no black person would ever have learned to read or write or have advantages they now enjoy. "Black privilege" exists. With the cry for reparations, and since the black man decries having been brought to this great land, we should offer the following reparation solution: The State shall buy from the black man his various goods, at fair market price, and use the monies to set the black man, his family, and willing descendants, up in a home in their claimed land of origin. Wherever that may be. He and his will be given todays' equivalent of 40 acres and a mule (a Democrat) of their own to have as a house slave. The sales of all goods will assist in repatriating the blacks back to their original lands where they can reclaim the lives they believe themselves to have lost.
    Mon at 4:00 PM

  • Eve Groove New around here and have no idea what I'm doing, but thanks for the welcome! :)
    Mon at 12:09 PM

  • Patriot A muslim fanatic attacks the Capitol and kills a police officer and all I hear is crickets from the media.
    Apr 2